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Theresa Wilk Feely Colts Neck NJ Pelvic Floor PT

Theresa Wilk, PT, DPT, PRPC, NCMP, RYT

Pelvic Floor PT, Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner, NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner, & Certified Yoga Instructor

Theresa earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Seton Hall University in 2007.  She started her career working at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, and then transitioned into outpatient physical therapy in 2010.

After the birth of her second baby, Theresa began to take more interest in Women’s Health topics after feeling like the musculoskeletal care from her OBGYN during pregnancy and after birth was incomplete. She feels like there is a gap in the care of women’s health throughout the years, most notable from postpartum until post-menopause. Women experience physical and hormonal changes during these time periods, resulting in changes to the pelvic floor, bowel/bladder, and sexual function which often go unaddressed until they have exacerbated into other syndromes. Theresa has continued her education to learn to treat the muscles of the pelvic floor, and the spectrum of women’s health topics. She believes in a conservative holistic approach to the treatment of pelvic pain and dysfunction. Because of the close relationship of the bladder and bowels, diet and nutrition play a role in the treatment of the pelvic floor.  Likewise, the pelvic floor works with the diaphragm for normal breathing patterns, therefore stress and poor breathing patterns related to stress and anxiety play a role in these dysfunctions.  

Theresa feels strongly about women being healthy and pain-free. She wants to advocate for women and their specific health concerns, providing education and a full body as well as a lifestyle approach to improve pain and restore function.

Theresa is also a certified yoga instructor.  She loves that yoga can be extremely healing and offers a mind-body connection that is different from everyday activities or other forms of exercise. With yoga, there are many modifications to make it accessible to everyone and can be extremely helpful with chronic pain. Theresa wants to make yoga feel safe and accessible for people with pain, injuries, and those that have never tried it before.

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